Clarity Aerial Sensing

Law Enforcement

Effective Surveillance Requires Stealth and Endurance

The DA-42 MPP NG with it's acoustically quiet "on top" exhaust is one of the most silent aircraft flying today. In loiter at 500 feet it's noise measurement is only 59 decibels, at a few thousand feet it is virtually undetectable.

By burning only 3.5 gallons per engine/per hour - 7 gallons total the DA-42 has an impressive 12 hour time on station - of course routine patrols are typically only two to three hours, but when your high value suspect is on the run it is nice to be able to maintain the chase.

The DA-42 Multi Purpose Platform is the first aircraft built from the ground up to provide a modular "plug and play" architecture to allow quick modifications for a variety of surveillance missions. It has the ability to carry almost any sensor up to 15 inches on the nose, and a variety of sensors and downlinks on the centerline mount and additional antenna hard points. Unlike other aircraft these hard points for sensors and radios are built in, so you will not have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for additional hardware and modifications after the aircraft purchase.


  • Fuel Consumption rate of 7 gal/hr at loiter speed
  • Maximum endurance of 12 hours
  • Mission range up to 1198 NM
  • Max cruise speed of 177kts at 14,000 MSL
  • Take-off distance over 50 ft obstacle 2,297 ft
  • Landing distance over 50 ft obstacle 1,870 ft
  • Service Ceiling of 18,000 ft
Exhaust System Photo


  • Virtually undetectable at 1000 meters/3280 feet in suburban areas
  • 59dB at 150 meters/500 feet range and 60% power (approx 130kts)
  • 78dB at take-off power
DA-42 MPP Operator Work Station


  • Dedicated operator station capable of many configurations
  • Integrated wiring tunnels connect the hard points of the equipment compartments.
  • Dedicated power source of 28V, 40A for mission equipment
  • Provides mission power for 4x28V-buses and 2x14V- buses
  • Highly configurable and FAA approved platform


  • Diamond aircraft have one of the lowest accident rates in general aviation
  • FADEC engine control with multi-engine redundancy
  • High crosswind component
  • Ergonomic cockpit layout
  • G1000 glass panel avionics
  • State-of-the-art autopilot
  • Unmatched visibility